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It gives immense pleasure to share with you regarding the pain and palliative care services rendered to Advanced and Terminally ill patients of Cancer and Fully Paralyzed. When a stage reaches where all clinical trials and efforts are failed and the disease and its effects is not stopped, then there is only one alternative method of caring the patient till his last days is pain relief and palliative care system.

Any patient who is suffering from chronic and advanced stages will have medical and clinical issues like suffering, pain, weakness, agony, loneliness, social stigma, physiological issues, social issues, financial problems, apart from the above a continuous adverse effect of the disease exists. All the above problems have to be attended individually and it is required to find solution. As far as possible an effort is made to give a relief consollment and compassion.

This effort is made by “SHARANYA”

SHARANYA is an N.G.O. of D.S.L. TRUST(R) SHIVAMOGGA of Karnataka state, India. It provide Palliative Care for Advanced and Life Limiting Patients of different chronic diseases like Cancer, Fully Paralyzed, Neuroproblems, Brain Hemorrhage and Critical Health issues of many other diseases. It is rendering its services from past 13 years in shivamogga and surrounding villages by visiting their house. Team attends the chronic disease patients and help them for their regular medical assistance beside the Counseling patients and their family members by installing confidence and courage to face the real situation. Many thanks to all those people who supported, contributed significantly in our journey of service.

It is project of providing hospice and palliative care to the advanced and terminally ill cancer patients. It is purely a charitable institution which rends its services to needy patients at the terminal stage without any charges from patients. It provides total care such as medical care, social care, psychological care and spiritual care to support for pain free, comfortable and dignified days till his last days. Sharanya is one of the charitable projects of D.S.L. Trust(R), Shivamogga. The total maintenance is supported by trust corpus fund created by the public contribution and donation of well wishers of philanthropists.

As explained above when a person reaches a stage beyond the limits of cure, even after detection, treatments, investigations etc. need a continuous Medical Care, Social Care, Spiritual Care and Psychological Care termed as rehabilitation and palliative care. Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of the patients and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening illness. Palliative care should be seen as part of a continuous care involving all the components of prevention and management of chronic diseases. This method of care will give a positive care involving all the components of prevention and management of chronic diseases. This method of care will give a positive effect on patient. Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life. Suffering can be reduced by identifying, impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems. It helps the patient to maximize the benefits of treatment and to live as best as possible with the foot print of the disease. Very prominently two stages of care are provided at the care center.

A continuous caring of the patient is needed to overcome the adverse effects of the disease. Prescribed food and medicine for symptom control is provided at free of cost to the patient. Patient loneliness is attended by providing opportunity to carry out his hobbies and artisanship. Expert counselors and volunteers try to bring in compassionate feeling for a patient and to share his inner feelings.

It is nonprofit charitable hospice care center. In order to provide such a service it needs huge financial support. Sharanya runs only on public contributions and donations.

This project is planned for providing care for 80 patients. At present we have facility and infrastructure to provide for 20 patients. On the other hand a huge monthly expenditure of Rs 3 to 4 Lakh is needed to provide care for 10-15 patients. In this circumstance there is need of support for regular maintenance and also for further construction.

This appeal is being made to your esteemed office TATA steel, TATA Agrico to support us and help us for smooth running of service and to serve as many as patients.

Hope you will take up this appeal as prime importance and respond to our request. For more information you can reach us at Mr. Manjunatha – +91 99457 76583.

Please find herewith attached file containing an article published in New Indian Express on 7thJan 2018 and some photographs of Care Center.


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