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With the world becoming a more connected place, it becomes imperative for businesses to expand their horizons and explore opportunities in new territories. Although there are various challenges involved in entering a new market, the benefits too can be substantial. International expansion not only opens the doors to newer markets, but can also bring in a lot of learning in terms of product customization and culture specific marketing.

This financial year, TATA Agrico plans to venture into the neighbouring south east Asian markets and the Agricultural economies of Africa to take the brand to a global stage. TATA Agrico already has established channel partners in the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan and has very recently also made inroads into Bangladesh, Middle East along with renewing its business in Sri Lanka.

Our International Channel Partners:
1. Nepal : KK Impex Pvt. Ltd, Birgunj, Nepal
2. Sri Lanka : Macson Mesh Industries Pvt. Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
3. Bhutan : Sherub Enterprises, Bhutan
4. U.A.E : Stellar Marketing, Dubai
5. Bangladesh : Rahman International, Dhaka.

Future Penetration Plans of TATA Agrico

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