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SANGAM-"Partners in Success", Star Dealer Meet of Tata Agrico

Over a hundred Agrico Parivaar members including top dealers across India reunited at Puri, Orrisa on December 19th, to take part in SANGAM-“Partners in Over a hundred Agrico Parivaar members including top dealers across India reunited at Puri, Orrisa on December 19th, to take part in SANGAM-“Partners in Success”, star dealer meet of TATA Agrico to celebrate unprecedented success of their hard work and commitment in the year 2016.

“SANGAM” was started with the aim of bringing all our valued channel partners together at one platform to directly listen to each other, share the business environment and challenges, and jointly chalk out future growth plans. This year with “SURGE 200+”, we are aiming to Sustain leadership in market, to Upgrade offerings, to enhance Reach, to Grow into new businesses and to Engage our stakeholders.
The event started with a business session focusing on Safety & Ethics, presentation from Marketing team about the current status quo,”MiAgrico” App and digital initiatives by TATA Steel to aid the channel for hassle free payments. Mr. Peeyush Gupta (VP,Steel M&S) and Mr Siddharth Mishra (Chief, Agrico & Retail Initiatives) inspired and motivated  everyone with their messages. Mr Peeyush Gupta shared the joy he feels when he meets the unspoken needs of customers after going the extra mile to discover what they really wanted and urged the attendees to be more focused towards service, and Mr Siddharth Mishra encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work.
Event went on with the Award Ceremony awarding the top dealers from different regions for their best ever performance in the year 2015-2016. The evening was made more colorful with cultural programs like Gotipua, Sand Animation, Mentalist show and ended with a singing performance.
It was truly a day to remember.

Launch of TATA AGRICO Hand Tools at JBS Royal Touch Showroom Cuttack Road, Bhubaneswar

The inauguration of showroom and launch of Tata Agrico branded tools was done by Mr. Siddharth Mishra, Chief – Agrico Business & Retail Initiatives in presence of media personnel and JBS team. Both the Agrico team & JBS tem interacted with media personnel explaining the significance of this partnership laying emphasis on a common value of delivering high quality products. Tata Agrico Hand tools, Files & Garden tools were displayed in the showroom in a special display stand ensuring great visibility and also enabling customers to touch and feel  products prior to purchase.

JBS  sees value in displaying our products in their showrooms as there is a potential synergy between both offerings – “A need for high quality tools to install high quality fittings”. They want scale-up of the model in other states to improve awareness and ensure 24x7 product display 

Demonstration of Power Tiller

In collaboration with TSRDS Agrico reached Bodam, a village in East Singhbum district of Jharkhand. A product demonstration was held by the division for the benefit of the farmers in this region. Technicians explained the importance and functioning of all the accessories of the Power tiller 105oD. This demonstration was highly appreciated by the farmers who had a first-hand trial of the product. 

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Tata Steel, Tata Agrico organized rural immersion programme for Odisha farmers in Ganjam

Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Berhampur: In a bid to ensure adequate awareness regarding the innovations in the farming sector, Tata Agrico in association with Tata Steel Rural development Society and Horticulture and Agriculture department of Government organised a two day Rural Immersion Programme along with farmers’ interaction which was organised at Hinjilikatu and Seragada blocks of Ganjam d ... Read More

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Tata Agrico to market NIF's grassroot innovations

AHMEDABAD: Tata Agrico, the Tata Steel's oldest brand, will collaborate with National Innovation Foundation (NIF) to sell unique agricultural implements made by grassroot innovators. Tata will co-brand the technologies developed by grassroot innovators registered with NIF. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between NIF and Tata Agrico to market the innovations through Tata ou ... Read More