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Square Shovel

The Square shovel is primarily a loosening tool, used for loosening ground & carrying the soil in lumps. It is widely used in gardening, agriculture & horticulture. Made from prime steel from TATA Steel, this gives the shovel hardness & durability.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
SVL016 Shovel - SQ 4 Without... 1.8kg
SVL004 Shovel - SQ 4 2.65kg
SVL013 Shovel - SQ 4 -... 2.65kg
SVL018 Shovel-SQ 4-Bend Shoulder & Steel... 2.55kg
SVL005 Shovel - SQ 6 2.85kg
SVL008 Shovel - SQ 4 (Steel...
SVL019 Shovel-SQ 6-Bend Shoulder & Steel... 1.95kg
SVL009 Shovel - SQ 6 (Steel... 2.85kg

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