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5 Must-Have Gardening Tools | Tata Agrico

Love to keep your garden all decked up and organized? Then you need certain gardening tools to simplify your daily gardening chores, from pruning branches to planting saplings, without hiring professional help. While buying certain gardening tools can dent your pocket and are also space-consuming, here we are rounding up a few pieces of gardening equipment, you must consider for gardening and that too within budget.

Pruning secateurs

Pruning stems and unwanted tree branches are important for neat gardening. Pruning branches with an unprofessional tool like a scissor can give your garden a messy look which is also time-consuming and may give your perfectionist taste a hard blow. But not anymore when you use professional and precise pruning secateurs to size bushes and plants for a cleaner look. For a desirable gardening experience, we recommend including pruning secateurs in your gardening toolbox.


Looking for something to keep your garden clean all year round? Then buying a rake is the best investment to keep your garden clean off the twigs, leaves, and trash. Using a rake regularly to sweep your garden also helps in loosening and leveling the land to get it ready for sowing seeds and plantation.

Hand trowel

As the name suggests, this handy equipment is a must-have in your gardening tool set to prepare land for transplanting saplings and seeds and also clearing weeds. A hand trowel has an easy-grip handle that fits into your palm, so you can effortlessly clean weeds from around the roots of the plants without mistakenly uprooting or damaging them anyway.

Garden Fork

Investing in a garden fork is the best decision to hand till deeper soil, turning and breaking the soil and composite. This is an efficient tool that you must buy to ready the plantation bed. While buying gardening forks, mind the tines that can bring a drastic difference to your specific needs. If your garden soil is soft and mushy, a fork with straight tines is ideally the best, whereas, for soil with gravel, you must consider a fork with bend tines to effortlessly turn up and break hard soil.

Hedge Shears

This scissor look-alike gardening tool is mainly used for cutting and pruning bushes and stems and is a must-have to include in your gardening tool set. You can use this tool to trim branches after flowering and also for shaping lawn edges.

Pro tip: 

Now that you know the must-have gardening tools to buy for your specific gardening requirements, we suggest, buying from a reputed brand like TATA Agrico, so your investment and effort don’t go waste. So, include this range of gardening tools at 20% off from TATA Ashiyana to deck up your garden aesthetically like a pro.

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