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5  Must-have hand tools and their uses | Tata Agrico

The importance of hand tools in human life needs no special mention. From wide domestic uses to extensive industrial applications, different types of hand tools are used to meet various manual job requirements to be done with extreme precision and perfection. Hand tools are the most dependable equipment for craftsmen, masonry workers, carpenters, DIY enthusiasts, and professional tradesmen. 

Since ancient time, hand tools have been an indispensable part of every worker’s regular life- which means they have to be durable, efficient, and be the best value for money. While the Indian market is bustling with various average hand tools makers, there are only a few pioneering brands like TATA Agrico offering a wide assortment of hand tools under various categories.

Here we are listing 8 top-selling hand tools you must own to meet specific project needs.


Hammers are the most widely used hand tools for carpentry, nail pulling, furniture assembling, upholstering, striking masonry drills, and steel chisels. Hammers are available in various types and sizes with varying surface hardness. Our heavy-duty range of hammers is crafted from high carbon prime quality steel and with quenching and tempering treatment for optimum hardness and durability. Our ergonomically designed hammers are equipped with an easy grip wooden handle for maximum efficiency and comfortability and are a top favorite in farming and construction jobs.


These are the most commonly used hand tools available in almost every domestic toolbox for quick insertion and removal of screws and nails, loosening, and tightening of fasteners. Some other applications of a screwdriver are:

  • Opening and joining of electronic devices 
  • Woodworking and carpentry

Our wide range of screwdrivers is flat tip screwdrivers, neon bulb tester screwdrivers, and flat tip striking screwdrivers. TATA Agrico’s set of screwdrivers features hardened and magnetic tips with nickel chrome plated blades which are rust and corrosion proof while the virgin acetate cellulose material handle makes them easy to hold and work with. 


Spanners are a must-have tool mostly used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. Our high utility range of spanners is made of EN-8D material with a bright chrome plate finish. Choose from our wide range of spanners like T-socket spanner, L-spanner, Wheel spanner, heavy duty spanner, and ring spanner set.


Wrenches are available in various shapes and sizes mostly used for gripping, fastening, tightening, and loosening nuts and bolts. To ensure maximum convenience and efficiency while working with wrenches, it is important to buy the right size of wrench. Our perfectly engineered wrenches are crafted of forged CRV steel with black phosphate and polished head finish and are available in 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 24” sizes.


Widely used for twisting wires or gripping round objects like pipes or rods, TATA Agrico pliers are made of forged special selected steel C-50 with full body hardened for longer shelf life. Get our 1000 volts certified pliers for safe and efficient applications. For more information about our wide range of high utility hand tools, visit TATA Aashiyana or TATA Agrico website to avail 20% discount on premium quality hand tools.

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