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Home Expression A quick guide to the welding electrodes types and their uses | Tata Agrico

A quick guide to the welding electrodes types and their uses | Tata Agrico

Welding electrodes are the core consumable product used in industrial applications for joining two different pieces of metals with a durable finish. The rampant use of different electrode types in welding varies based on the purpose and hence the commercial options in the market are limitless. However, the process of welding is intricate technical craftsmanship that significantly impacts the quality and durability of the outcome only by the difference of using electrodes alone. 

Before we delve deeper into the various kinds of electrodes and their applications, let’s first understand 

What is welding electrode?

A welding electrode is an essential tool used by the welder to connect with the welding machine through which the current is conducted to create an electric arc. This high-heating fabrication process is done to join the parent metal with the new one by melting the filler of the consumable electrodes under high electricity heat. 

What are the different types of welding electrodes?

The two basic types of welding electrodes are consumable electrodes and non-consumable electrodes. Consumable electrodes have fillers that melt under high heat during welding to fill the joint and are mostly used for MIG (metal inert gas) welding. Consumable electrodes are generally made of mild steel and nickel steel, have low melting point, and are easy to use and maintain. 

While the market is bustling with various grades of consumable electrodes, TATA Agrico’s industry-grade consumables still dominate the maximum market demand over most competitors’ brands because of their quality and best value for money. The most in-demand TATA Agrico consumables are 

Low Hydrogen Carbon Steel electrode

Gets this value pack of low hydrogen carbon steel electrode, having higher deposition and low hydrogen iron powder for welding carbon and low alloy steel. The purpose of low hydrogen is to limit the infusion of this gas into the weld metal to prevent the risks of brittle failures. 

Low hydrogen carbon steel electrodes have wide industrial applications for the following benefits

  • To weld thick material with higher deposition
  • X-ray quality welds
  • Lower probability of hydrogen-induced cracks and failures
  • Smooth and stable arc with lesser spatters
  • Easy arc formation and offering good control to the welders
  • Best for steel with poor weldability like high carbon steel, low alloy steel, etc

Mild Steel Electrode- non-ISI grade

TATA Agrico mild steel electrodes are specifically coated with high quality but low carbon steel deposits to keep the arc stable, securing the molten metal from weather impact and speeding the cooling rate. The prime reasons behind the rocketing demand for mild steel electrodes are due to their considerable tensile and yield strength, withstanding long-standing arc, and welding mild steels, galvanized and low alloy steel. These electrodes are widely used in the manufacturing and automobile industries.

Some USPs of our mild steel electrode

  • Crafted of prime steel wire rods
  • Consume minimum electricity
  • Non-ISI grade
  • Minimal spill and low smoke emission
  • Available in 12 packets carefully packed in a master box

Stainless Steel electrode

Our medium heavy coated and low carbon stainless steel electrodes have excellent resistance against cracking, corrosion, and scaling. This electrode is meticulously crafted with controlled ferrite and is best suitable for all position welding. 

Areas of stainless steel applications

  • For making hospital apparatus, pharmaceutical equipment, fertilizer industries, and others
  • Welding carbon and low-alloy steel
  • Welding dissimilar metals like stainless to low alloy steel.

Which is the best brand to buy industry consumables?

While the Indian market is brimming with various grades of welding electrodes, TATA Agrico is still the undisputed and irreplaceable brand to get the best quality consumables at the best deal. Our industry-leading range of welding electrodes is now available at 20% off only at TATA Aashiyana, your trusted destination to choose from various electrode types at great prices.

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