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Home Expression All you need to know about Garden tools for harvest and preservation | Tata Agrico

All you need to know about Garden tools for harvest and preservation | Tata Agrico

Gardening is one of the prime hobbies among many individuals, and even though it is a fulfilling experience, garden maintenance requires a lot of effort from prepping the land, planting saplings, and feeding manure, to periodic upkeeping and harvesting. Every aspect of gardening is a part of a precise craft that gains the desired outcome only with the correct use of the right set of gardening tools. For satisfying gardening and harvesting, one must have limited but just the right equipment to keep their garden evergreen, ever-appealing, and perfectly groomed.

In the present day, many companies are offering various kinds of garden harvesting tools to match the growing popularity of trending gardening hacks. However, a large part of the customer base still invests in various gardening equipment, without collecting enough information about the market and innovation.

But, not anymore, it’s time to check out the below list of must-have garden tools for harvesting and preservation on a budget without compromising on brand.

Pruning Secateur: An extremely useful tool to keep your garden neat and clean. Along with removing the unwanted twigs, pruning secateurs helps your plant to get rid of its old branches and make space for better growth. The tool is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand with an angled head that reduces any extensive pressure required eventually allowing easy pruning. Easy grip handles and hardened tempered blades promise safe and long-lasting usage respectively.

Khurpi: One of the most versatile gardening equipment, a Khurpi is a small-handled tool that is used for digging soil and weeding in small gardens or farms. Seldom used for cutting small plantings as well, this garden tool is mostly used for filling pots with pot mix, mixing fertilizer, and spreading the compost equally with its flattened side. TATA Agrico premium quality khurpi is crafted of prime steel and comes with a tubular handle. Its ergonomically designed edge and handle offer maximum work comfort while the superior sharp edge offers precise better results.

Hedge shear: This is an essential tool for gardening primarily used for trimming and pruning bushes in geometric shapes to offer the garden a neat and clean look. The tool is specifically useful for pruning the fruit tree stems and professional maintenance of orchards. For high-utility durable hedge shears, trust only TATA Agrico which comes with a cutting capacity of up to 12mm diameter. For maximum work convenience, the equipment comes with a fully hardened and tempered blade made of EN42J material and offers long-lasting sharpness. The ergonomic design of the equipment with its easy grip and bright yellow handles gives it an appealing look.

Fork Powrah: Very useful for harvesting underground crops like potato and garlic, fork powrah should be on the list of must-have gardening tools. For the best result and to save the maximum time, buy the TATA Agrico fork powrah which is made of prime steel with 4 durable teeth. This must-have gardening tool from TATA Agrico is ideal for cultivating and digging land and is also rust and wear resistance. Using fork powrah is also a great way to improve the quality of garden soil by turning up the layer underneath and allowing air circulation.

These are our 4 vital gardening tools for harvesting and preservation that should be in the collection of every passionate gardener. To get the best quality garden tools for harvesting, head to TATA Aashiyana now and choose from the widest range approved by experts and repeatedly bought by millions of happy and satisfied gardeners. Avail yours at a flat 20% off now.

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