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Buying guide for adjustable wrench | Tata Agrico

An adjustable wrench is a quick fix handy tool you will spot in every domestic toolbox. From fixing your bike parts to mending the plumbing system, this one in all hand tool is something you can’t do without. In fact, buying this one versatile tool can meet your all fixing and mending requirement than spending on other unwanted equipment. 

To clear your curiosity about what an adjustable wrench is, here is the simplest definition. Also known as a spanner, an adjustable wrench is an easy-to-use hand tool that features a long handle and moveable jaw, which can be adjusted to various settings for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. The best part about using an adjustable wrench is that it eliminates the need to purchase different sizes of wrenches to avoid burdening the toolbox.

Typically, for a beginner, it can be quite straining to choose a perfect size of an adjustable wrench from so many brimming options. So, here we are rounding up some easy tips to help you select the perfect adjustable wrench/spanner that fits your requirement.

Fit and grip

This is the most important aspect to note while buying an adjustable wrench. Make sure the tool is easy to hold and use, as it will directly impact your work pace and quality. Go for the anti-slip handle to avoid slipping grip during work.


No matter how convincing the design is, always consider the durability of the wrench before buying. This is why we recommend an adjustable wrench made of chrome vanadium steel, the best in terms of durability and uncompromised performance. 

Wrenches made of forged alloy steel, vanadium steel, nickel-plated, and chrome alloy are undoubtedly durable, but some have excellent resistance against rust and corrosion.


If you are buying an adjustable wrench, it means it has to be compatible with handling multiple jobs. On that note, yes, size is important! The most recommended size for domestic use is 6-inch, 8-inch, and the standard 12-inch.

Mind the jaw

The jaw of an adjustable wrench is another prime factor to consider before buying. Go for wrenches with an extra wide jaw to work smoothly with large nuts and even the largest bolts. 

Be specific about its application

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, be specific about the application of the wrench you are buying. There are various specifications of adjustable wrench aimed for different applications which means not “one size fits all”. So, learn about different types of adjustable wrenches to smoothen your buying process.

Pro-tip to use the adjustable wrench perfectly

Choose a wrench with a wide jaw that perfectly sits on the fastener, so it won’t slip or break under pressure. 

Bonus tips to store and maintain an adjustable wrench

  • Don’t use a cheater bar or pipe for additional leverage.
  • Don’t smash the wrench with a hammer.
  • Clean the wrench after every use.
  • Dry pat the spanner before storing it to avoid rusting.
  • Replace the damaged wrench immediately to avoid injuring yourself while working.

Where to buy the best quality adjustable wrench that lasts long? As we have simplified your buying of adjustable wrench, the next concern is which brand is the best to trust. While there are many average brands brimming to confuse your selection, we welcome you to the TATA Agrico website or TATA Ashiyana, where you can choose from various specifications of adjustable wrenches to suit your project requirements. Visit now to avail 20% off on all products before it expires.

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