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Home Expression Different types of shovels and their uses | Tata Agrico

Different types of shovels and their uses | Tata Agrico

Shovels are the most convenient gardening and agricultural hand tools used for digging and lifting soil in the garden and agriculture fields. There are different types of shovels available in different shapes and sizes that can often confuse buyers when making a purchase choice. Besides gardening and farming, shovels are also commonly seen in construction and mining sites.

Before digging deeper into the anatomy, types, and uses of shovels let’s understand

What is a shovel?

A shovel is a widely used hand tool featuring a broad blade at the end of a medium-length handle that almost resembles a spade but with slightly different applications. These easy-to-use hand tools are a staple in every gardener’s equipment set for the up keeping of the garden and agricultural land for making trenches, lifting and shifting weeds, soil and gravel.

What are the different types of shovels?

Shovels are available in different types and sizes with different applications. Mentioning some of them below

Trench shovels:

Trench shovels are quite popular among construction and road workers. This sturdy tool features a thick metal blade to effortlessly pierce through the toughest rock block beneath the ground. This is why trench shovels are the preferred choice to dig tough dry fields and remove stubborn weeds.

Garden/tree planting shovels:

It is a narrow blade shovel with a mild pointed tip, designed to meet its ultimate purpose without damaging the saplings and plants. These are aptly designed for digging holes and trenches for plants and adding soil to the roots. To buy the best gardening shovels, consider TATA Agrico’s most ergonomic durable options available in 2 types- Round shovel and square shovel.

Let’s have a quick glance at the Round shovel:

  • Mildly pointed strong metal blade
  • Available in both steel and wooden handle
  • Ideal for agriculture, gardening, and construction purposes
  • Best for moving sand, rock, and gravel
  • Easy to use
  • Best value for money

Square shovel (Belcha):

  • Sturdy and rust-proof alloy steel blade, made of TATA prime steel
  • Available in both steel and wooden handle
  • Ideal for carrying soil chunks, loosening and leveling ground
  • Ideal for gardening, horticulture, and agriculture
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable, durable, and rustproof

Multipurpose shovel:

TATA Agrico also offers large multipurpose shovels made of heavy-duty alloy steel. This durable hand tool is ideal for digging tough soil for its pre-sharpened blade that easily cuts through the toughest ground. Featuring a tear-drop-shaped handle, the shovel is easy to hold and work with during long time usage. Its oversized D-shaped handle fits both hands for extra comfort and precise control.

What is the purpose of garden shovels?

Shovels offer different applications and are specifically made to suit your everyday gardening and farming needs

  • For digging with precision
  • Making trenches and uprooting deep-rooted weeds and plants
  • For lifting and shifting soil, rock, sand, gravel, and snow
  • For loosening and smoothening soil surface

What is the price of garden shovels in India?

The price factor while buying a shovel depends on various other factors- like the material, durability, design, usability, and of course the brand. However, people who use shovels regularly as a part of their field activities mostly vouch for their durability. While many average equipment makers offer low-cost shovels to capture the market, their credibility is questionable. Hence it’s recommended to choose a shovel from a premium brand to ensure maximum work satisfaction at the best value.

Which is the best brand to buy shovels?

When it comes to buying premium quality shovels or hand tools, the only brand trusted by millions is TATA Agrico. The name is more an emotion than just a brand for offering low-cost and high-utility shovels crafted of premium materials and user-friendly designs. Shop for the best quality shovel from TATA Aashiyana at a flat 20% off now, before the offer expires.

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