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Easy Steps to Fix Your Blown Fuse at Home

Blown fuse or tripping circuit breaker is the most common issue that you will find at home. And with the summer months coming, such conditions can land you up in sheer inconvenience at any point of the day. However, fixing a blown fuse is not any kind of rocket science. With a bit of knowledge and the right tool set, you can go through the process easily.

Do You Know Why Fuses Blow?

Before you prepare your arsenal and get into a war with the blown fuse, you must understand why fuses blow. Depending on the maximum amount of amp that the fuses are rated for, and the amount of power load within your house, the fuses blow off. When too many electric appliances run at the same time, or the electric load surpasses the maximum load, the wire breaks down. This actually works to prevent your home and appliances from extensive damage.

Step by Step Procedure to Fix a Blown Fuse

Step 1: First Things First

Now that you know what blows fuses, you need to deal with the initial cause first. Unplug a few appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners which pull off heavy load. Also, if you’ve bought some new appliances, make sure to unplug them. You might wonder why are we mentioning this, but you need to remember that if you ignore this phase, you will face similar problems again once you’ve fixed the fuse.

Step 2: Take Necessary Protection

Jumping in to fix the blown fuse just because it’s causing you inconvenience, isn’t a smart move at all. While dealing with electricity you need to be cautious about certain things. Keep your hands dry, and wear rubber-soled footwear to avoid electrocution. Also, you should check out that the tools you are using have solid rubber gripping that ensures insulation.


Step 3: Check What’s within

Once you open the fuse box, you’ll find a meshwork of wires. Generally, there are multiple fuses for your home, and you have to figure out which fuse has blown off. This is a tedious job as you have to unscrew each fuse and turn on the power back to find out which part of your home loses power. This might seem too much to work for, but for your future reference, this will save a lot of your time.

Step 4: Change the Fuse

Once you have tracked down the fuse that has blown off, you need to check out two things

– Whether the wire inside has melted

– Or, whether the glass window at the top of it has discolored

If the fuse blows off completely, it generally turns brown or black.

Once you have spotted it, turn the ‘Main’ switch off to cut the flow of electricity. Use a torch to throw some spotlight on the switch, and unscrew the broken fuse.  You must have a spare fuse of the same size, rating, and amperage at home to save yourself during emergencies. Replace the broken fuse with a new one, and restore connectivity at home.

How to Replace a Fuse Wire
– Buy a fuse wire that meets the correct amp rating.

– Loosen the terminal screws and remove the old and broken wire.

– Cut the new fuse wire so that it is long enough to wrap around both terminal screws and cross the fuse carrier.

– In a clockwise direction, wind the wire around one terminal screw.

– Tighten this terminal screw into place.

– Look at one of your working fuses to figure out how to wire the fuse up. You will have to either thread the wire through the fuse holder or pass it through the bridge. Wind the wire around the remaining terminal screw, also in a clockwise direction. The wire should be a little bit slack, as it will tighten when you screw in the remaining terminal screw.

– Tighten the final terminal screw and replace the fuse carrier.

– Close the cover and turn the main switch on again. The circuit should now be repaired.



The fuse is the only thing in your home that gets affected whenever there is an overload of power. The chances of power overload increase as the summer months approach. With the right set of tools and bare minimum knowledge, you can be independent enough to get it sorted on your home without hampering your comfort and convenience.

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