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Home Expression Files – Types and Applications of this Tradesmen Hand Tool | Tata Agrico
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Files – Types and Applications of this Tradesmen Hand Tool | Tata Agrico

Are you worried about the different types of files available in the market? Are the uses of each file tool confusing you? If yes is the answer to the afore-stated question, you have landed in the correct place where we have done detailed research and helped seek the answer to all your queries related to Tata Agrico files available in the market and their uses. Flat, square, feather edge, round and half-round files are a few names that you might have come across before purchasing. Check the list below to understand the broader classification of the same.

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Flat File

A flat file is rectangular and cross-section in shape. This instrument is designed differently by tapering both the width and thickness of the file. Double-cut teeth usually have cuts on the face whereas simple-cut teeth have cuts on the edges. These specialized tools are used to reduce the flat surfaces by properly finishing and filing the same. These are generally rectangular. While choosing from a wide range of files at Tata Agrico you can consider buying – Flat Bastard or super light bastard HSN Code – 82031000. These generally come in a pack of 5 to 10 and vary from 300 to 200 mm (12 -8 inches) in length.

Triangular File

As per the names, these files are triangular in shape and have angles of 60 degrees. To do any square and rectangular jobs ranging from 60°-90° angle these types of files are used. These are also known as three square files. Tata Agrico offers you the option of choosing a Regular Taper that varies from 100 – 150 mm (4 – 6 inches) in length and comes as a pack of 10. Heavy taper is also a variety of triangular files available at Tata Agrico and this varies from 150 – 200 mm in length (6, 8 inches) and comes in a standard package of 10.

Half-Round File

Half-round files are files that are usually round on the side and are curved on the opposite side. Whereas the double-cut dents are cut on it just like a round file and then they are tapered. These are mainly used to repair the damaged hole usually and to also set them. Tata Agrico offers the option of Pit saw that comes in the length of 110 mm (4-1/2 inch) length and a pack of 10 and also Half-round bastards that vary in 150mm, 250 mm and 350 mm in length and comes in a standard package of 5 – 10.

These are usually the files classified as per the shape and can also be divided as per their performance and the work they do. Apart from the afore-stated ones, there are a huge variety of options to choose from that include – Square File, Hand File, Knife-Edge File, Round File and rhombus files.
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