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Garden Tools That Will Save The Day

Imagine waking up to an enchanting garden, sipping on your coffee to the sight of beautiful flowers and plants – almost as if you’re Alice and you woke up in Wonderland. Gardening for many is a hobby, for others much more than that, either way if you’re going to have a breath-taking garden you’ll need the right tools to make it so.


Here’s a list of a few garden tools that will save the day:


Snip away with the Secateurs


Pruning secateurs are used for cutting unwanted stems, so your plants blossom to their best. Tata Agrico secateurs are designed in a user-friendly way. It is also equipped with a self locking system to ensure maximum safety while being used. In addition it also comes with handles that are coated with anti-slip powder and comfortable colored grips to make sure they can be visible in your garden while complimenting the elegance of it all.


Soil preps easy as ever with the Trowel


Trowels or the Khurpi is used to loosen or weed soil. So, why are Tata Agrico trowels the best match for your garden? They come with Tubular handles and PVC grip for comfort and better workability. The working edge is hardened, tempered and sharpened for superior results. The blade is coated in black powder to keep it rust free and durable.


Mix it up with the Weeding Trowel


The weeding trowel is essential to your garden. It’s used to mix soil, and transfer it into pots easily. Tata Agrico weeding trowels come with a sharp cutting edge which helps you scoop the soil up with great ease. It has a smooth grip and an epoxy powder coating which makes it rust free. It’s the perfect size so you can handle it smoothly while digging or mixing fertilizers.


Shape it up with the Hedge Shear


When you want your garden to look like a reflection of mesmerizing art, the hedge shear is your go-to tool. Clean up and shape the bushes in your garden and give your garden a make-over. Tata Agrico hedge shears are specially designed with wooden handles for better grip and comfort. They also come with adjustable tension knobs for excellent cutting results. Not to forget, they’re made from hardened and tempered blades that ensure durability as well as sharpened and edges for clean and accurate cutting.


With these tools at your disposal, you’re sure to make your garden the wonderful place it deserves to be. They’ll make your life all the more easier while gardening. We won’t be surprised if you end up spending most of your time taking care of your plants!


Happy gardening!


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