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Healthy Soil is Life, Time to Take Care of It

No prize for guessing how important a healthy soil is for the foundation of a productive and environmentally sound agricultural as well as food system. However, 33% of the Earth’s soils are already degraded and over 90% could become degraded by 2050 (FAO and ITPS, 2015; IPBES, 2018). Treating your soil is crucial to keep it healthy and productive. Hence embracing sustainable agricultural practices is critical for the preservation of soil health. Tata Agrico is celebrating World Soil Day to acknowledge this natural resource’s significant role in agriculture and the food system and create awareness about the importance of soil protection.

When it comes to preserving our soils, it is important to learn the functions soil play, and the benefits they reap.

Soil Ecosystem

What is that one factor that link air, water, rocks, and organisms? Well, it is indeed the soil that is responsible for the ultimate ecosystem in the nature.

Air Quality and Composition

A soil that is well covered prevents erosion. The controlling of air quality depends largely on the quality of the soil which ultimately contributes towards a healthy living.

Temperature Regulation

Several chemical as well as biological reactions take place in soil. These include processes like seed germination, birth of microbes, and more, which are more effective in warmer soil.

Nutrient Cycling

There is a huge amount of nutrient like carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and more stored in soil. Need we say more?

Water Filtration

Had there been no soil, water would be running on rocks! That means, there would have been no soaking of water under the ground, no taking up by plants, microbes, and other living beings.

There are several more reasons why taking care of the soil is immensely and directly related to our own well-being. It is about time we say thanks to the soil, and there could have been no better day than the Soil Day on 5th December.

Join Tata Agrico to celebrate the Soil Day this year and win exciting gift hampers. All you have to do is to click your picture in your field with your Agricultural Tool and post it on our official Facebook page. Do not forget to use the hashtags #MeriMittiMeraTool #ClickAPic #DeshKaTool to enter the contest. All the luck and wishes!

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