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How to Choose a Perfect Hand Tool? | Tata Agrico

Hand tools reduce the daily working hazards and forms an effective in-hand solutions. Different types of hand tools are available to provide you with perfect solutions.

You should remember a few pointers while choosing hand tools as stated below:

Effectivity: It should be the first and foremost priority of choosing a hand tool. The tool must satisfy the need of the problem with utmost effectiveness. Different types and shapes of tools are available to provide different types of solutions. You should choose yours accordingly.

Quality: The quality of any tool is one of the most important pointers to consider. The material and substances used should be good to perform the desired task. Hence, a trustworthy manufacturer’s name is needed. The basic thing is to gain the trust of the users by providing a quality product.

Durability: The tool must be durable and provide efficient services for a long time. Hand tools are material that should not require multiple buying hence how long it lasts, is a simple question that you can always ask the seller or manufacturer.

Pocket-friendly: When tools are being manufactured and made available in a pocket-friendly prices, the customer count increases. This is one important criteria that you should keep in mind.

Among various sorts of hand tool, we chose to discuss the uses of a few hand tools :

Screwdriver: It is used to drive in or remove screws. Depending mainly on the blade size and shape, there are different types of screwdrivers available in the market.
Hammer: Highly effective while applying strong force on a selected surface by hitting. Different types of hammers are available based on the head size and shape such as Ball Point Hammer, Cross Pein Hammer, Claw Hammer, Machinist Hammer, etc.
Gardening Tools: Different types of gardening tools named Pruning Secateur, Khurpi, and Hedge Shear are belongs to the hand tools category.
Wrench: Used in tightening or loosening nuts, bolts, etc.

There are lots of other tools which are also very popular such as Spanner, Cutter, Combination Plier and more. Check Tata Agrico’s website to know more or visit Tata Steel Aashiyana to buy now!

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