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Home Expression How to maintain and store gardening tools at home? | Tata Agrico

How to maintain and store gardening tools at home? | Tata Agrico

Gardening Tools like all other tools require timely maintenance for them to last longer and work efficiently. Even though the most important factor remains to be buying from a trusted brand that ensures premium-grade materials with ergonomic design, it is important to keep your maintenance check for the longevity of the tools.

Regardless of the quality and durability ensured by brands, gardening tools need to be handled and maintained carefully to ensure they are always in perfect condition next and repeated use. Here are some basic tips to maintain and store gardening tools at home to keep their properties and qualities intact.

✔ Remove soil every time from gardening tools after each use with a stiff brush or a screwdriver to scrape off the mud

✔ Use a pressurized spray of water to wash off the stubborn mud and soil and pat dry the moisture with a dry piece of cloth

✔ Dab each part of the garden tools on both sides, hinges, and handles to wipe every trace of moisture and allow it to air dry completely before storing

✔ Use an oily rag to wipe every part of gardening tools such as pruning secateurs, shears, hoes, digging forks, gardening knives, and so on. Lubricating the gardening tools from time to time keeps them in perfect shape and prevents the jamming of the parts

✔ Sharpening certain garden tools like pruning secateurs, garden fork, and hedge shears are excellent to maintain their last utility. Sharpening of the garden tools can be done at home with files to maintain the edges and functionalities of the garden tools

✔ Chemically treating the garden tools for maintenance is not recommended as certain chemicals can be highly corrosive on the metals and reduce their longevity

✔ Make sure the tools have no moisture left as that can lead to rusting of the metal and garden tools

✔ Pack the tools wrapped in clean plastic or cloth to protect the garden tools from environmental impact

Which Indian brand offers the best quality garden tools?

While many brands offer various utilities of garden tools, only a few pioneering brands like TATA Agrico have managed to dominate the market since inception till date only based on TATA-approved quality. Our premium range of garden tools is made of premium-grade metals with an ergonomic design that makes our products in the garden tools category unbeatable among users.

Plus, each TATA Agrico garden tool comes with TATA approved warranty that lasts longer with uncompromised durability at the best market price. For the extended durability of our garden tools, keep in mind the above factors to ensure that the tools stay in perfect shape.

Where to buy the best garden tools online?

To buy the best garden tools online, head to TATA Aashiyana, one of the trusted e-stores for quality garden tools at the best price. Visit now to avail of premium grade garden tools at discounted prices.

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