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How to take care of your Bonsai tree

 “Bonsai is the art of taking a simple plant or tree and turning it into a reminder of nature’s beauty within a confined space”

Just like your garden maintenance, bonsai trees require a lot of intricate care to enable that they grow in a certain way in a limited amount of space, with all of that – it’s no less than a form of art. Taking care of a bonsai tree may take a bit of an extra effort and here are a few tips on caring for your plant the right way:

Watering the bonsai

Watering plants may seem pretty obvious, but what’s different with the bonsai is that it has specific watering requirements and schedules. It must be watered approximately once a week, especially when the soil on top seems to have dried out – once this happens, immerse the entire plant in a basin or bucket of water till there are air bubbles on top. This indicates the plant has absorbed ample amount of water.

Where to place the bonsai

Bonsai’s add a natural and tranquil aesthetics to living spaces and outdoors too. However, the bonsai requires plenty of sunlight to grow well so it must be placed near a window if you wish to have it indoors or it can be placed outside where it can receive direct sunlight.

Pruning the bonsai

Pruning the bonsai is one of the most integral parts of how the tree will grow. The entire point of pruning the bonsai is to maintain its shape as it grows as well as cleaning up the top growth for the overall look. Use pliers to remove dead branches carefully. While pruning, decide which branches need to be trimmed in order to maintain the desired shape of the bonsai. This process can result in a stress-relieving activity.

The right bonsai soil

Bonsai plants need the right type of soil to get the nurturing they need. Finding the right type of soil is the key to proper growth of the bonsai. The soil must be able to drain quickly as well as retain ample amount of water. Make sure the soil has smaller particles to ensure aeration and allow oxygen to reach the roots.

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