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Home Expression Revamp Your House with Just a Hammer and Nails

Revamp Your House with Just a Hammer and Nails

Redecorating the house can be quite a task, especially for those that have changing tastes and want to follow a budget. But why compromise on your nomadic tastes when you can easily (and quite inexpensively) revamp your house with just two tools.

Just two!

There are so many different things you can do with the help of a hammer, whether it’s fixing up your home or decorating it. Here are some ideas you can try out to give your home sweet home a brand-new look:


Hanging up photo frames can really add a pop to your walls. Be it an art piece you adore, or precious moments you captured. You can instantly change the look of your home with personalized walls.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Hanging Planters:

Utilizing space can really make all the difference. Adding a touch of greenery and nature can result in changing the look of your house or room. You can opt for hanging planters as they create breathing space for the room and make everything look decluttered without taking out the green factor.

Photo by Rov Camato from Pexels

Elevated Book Shelf:

Managing furniture in your home is rather daunting. You can re-arrange your house and remove all unwanted furniture. Make use of hanging or elevated bookshelves to store your books or any other show pieces. This can leave you with more space for other things.

Photo by Dids from Pexels

Show Pieces

Every house needs a piece of furniture or object that grabs one’s attention when they walk into your house. This can be anything from an elegant walk clock to an elaborate wall hanging. They are certainly easier to move and install which can save you the trouble of shifting heavy furniture and give your home a new look in no time!

DIY Furniture

It’s rather easy to go purchase a pair of furniture but there is rarely exclusivity in it. If you go to buy something exclusive it usually costs quite a bit and that may not be a wise choice for those that love updating their homes with the latest décor. Making your own furniture can help in this case. As the design will be unique to your style and will cost far less – also, it’s fun to make!

A hammer and a couple of nails can do the trick instantly, you can redecorate your home as and when you please with these tips! Let us know of your favorite revamp ideas in the comments.

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