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Right Tools Ensure You Have a Green Thumb | Tata Agrico

Gardening is one of the most popular and well-loved hobbies. Be it in small verandas or balconies, windowsills, or large extended gardens, to look after your garden well you need to be prepared with the right kind of tools. Order your gardening tools online, here is a list of must-have tools that help you in nurturing and looking after your plants better.

Gardening Tools Online

Pruning Shears 

Also called secateurs this keeps the plant from going out of control. The sharp blade that meets at the flat surface is similar to two knives. Annual pruning do away with dead wood or injured fresh green stem. Cutting sharply and reducing the injury to plants, these are essential tools to have whether you own a small garden or are the owner of a large garden on acres of land.

Garden Fork

This is an important garden instrument for turning the soil. Having a slight curve that is used for scooping and mulching the compose pit, can be used as a pitchfork. It is also especially useful for digging rocky and clayey soils.

Hand Trowel

An essential tool that every garden must have is a hand trowel. It is useful for transplanting bedding plants and herbs and in weeding. Broad blades and sharp blades help in moving the soil easily.  Moving the soil, dirt and dry hard soil is done with this tool. Made of stainless steel, this is strong and durable.

Square Shovel

A short-handled square shovel eases digging holes and lifting and moving soil. They are available both with short and long handles and with the least amount of pressure, the work is done. Longer handles require small leverage but are heavier. Being made of stainless-steel heads they don’t rust.


While gardening, do not forget to wear gloves and boots to protect yourself from thorns and harmful weeds that could cause skin infection. When gardening in your small balcony or windows you need the smaller tools that make gardening easy. You can buy your gardening tools online. Tata Agrico has some very user-friendly tools that make your gardening a pleasure.

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