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Home Expression Don’t Fail to Show Your Love – Smart DIY Ideas to Gift Your Beloved This Valentine’s Day

Don’t Fail to Show Your Love – Smart DIY Ideas to Gift Your Beloved This Valentine’s Day

Enough of fights, the universal season of love has finally arrived. Are you thinking of new gift ideas to woo your lady love? Have roses and chocolates gone cliché? Is romance now more of a business affair in the truest sense? Has warmth hidden its face behind smartphones lacking the affection every time you say, “I love you”? It’s time to take the mind off the rat race of technology and focus on the one person who matters the most in life. This Valentine’s Day, let’s find out how you can take the opportunity to show your beloved how much you care by turning off the tech and turning on the romance.

This is a simple Valentine’s gift, but complete fun to make. All you are wooden slates, bakers twine, paintbrush, scissors, a pair of hand tools, and nails.


Take four wooden slabs and place them side by side upside down. Take two more wooden slabs and place them across. Use a hammer and nails to pin them so that the four wooden slides don’t fall apart. Also, use adhesives in between the wooden planks for extra caution.

Once they are stuck together, paint it completely white. On a separate piece of paper (preferably black), use a cursive hand to write a short message, cut it so that it works as a stencil and stick it on the artboard you have prepared. After you have stuck the paper, use minimal paint to colour up the cutout area. Avoid using excessive colour as it might leak or even form large streaks. Now join the baker’s twine using pliers into a long thread and tie it off.


Valentines Day DIY Gifts

Hang Your Heart with Flowers

You’re beloved is surely going to love some shade of pink and also some flowers on Valentine’s Day. What else can you think of while planning for a gift? You’ll definitely find some faux flowers in a nearby store, and a wooden board cut in a heart shape. Well, that’s what you need to make the heart board.


Smoothen out the sides of the wooden board cut out in the shape of the heart. Cut the faux flowers right where the stem ends, and using a nail and hammer, pin them side by side on the heart-shaped wooden board. Fill the entire board with flowers and add sprinklers to give the shining effect. Now, when you plan for a romantic dinner date with your beloved at home, place the flowery heart board at the background. You’ve already made a bold statement of your love.


Heart Board - DIY Valentine Idea

Arrow Art to Play It Smart

Your busy lifestyle might not leave you with much time, but that shouldn’t make your beloved feel less special at all. This Valentine’s Day special arrow art can save your day. A silhouette white word art on dark wooden stain gives an aesthetic appeal that nothing else can provide. To make this wooden art, you will require five wooden boards, each having a thickness of ¼ inch, sandpaper, nails, hammer, white paint pen, and the paintbrush.


Place three wooden boards side by side, and two wooden planks across. Use 6-inch nails and hammers to pin them, and use wooden adhesives for safety purposes. Once it dries, apply wooden stain on the boards to give the dark stain effect. Now either you can get print out of arrows or draw it on fancy paper. Place them in the center and stick them so that they work as a stencil. Take a pencil and leave light marks on the wood. Take the ballpoint marker pens to fill the design.

No love story is perfect, so your designs should not even have the perfect shape. Also when you leave it sketchy, you can get the hand-drawn effect which adds more warmth to your gift. Finally, use four strips of golden metal wires, and using a plier tie them up bordering your artboard. You’re ready with a creative gift to woo your beloved.


Arrow Art - Valentine DIY Gift Idea

Be it Shakespeare’s Romeo or any classic cult hero, for us, the perception of a great lover is all about expression. This Valentine’s Day, let’s put in some effort and add warmth to the gift you’ve planned.

Why buy it when you can mix some element of emotion to it and show the expression of love all by yourself? Be independent, show love and spread the love.


Smart DIY Ideas - Valentine Gift

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