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The Emergence of Gardening as a Hobby

We currently live in quite a fast paced world right now which is high flown, and is digital. In such a speedy digitized world we are gradually losing touch with nature ( or rather taking things in nature for granted) . Gardening is a perfect way to re establish our connection to Mother nature, to stop and smell the roses, to indulge in a hobby that is relaxing and at the same time meaningful and constructive. Gardening is a great way to relax and unwind. If you are a person who just loves hands on labour, to play with the earth, to have some uninterrupted me time and at the same time actually learn something, then gardening can be a very useful hobby. Here are some of the few reasons why gardening can be a nice hobby to pursue –

It is a great stress reliever : Gardening can be the ideal me time which you always wanted to have. Most gardening enthusiasts, spend time gardening in the early morning and spend time all alone with their plants watering each of them, and spending time in self introspection . Gardening unlike playing video games is not fast paced, there are no noisy deadlines, no competition with your fellow mates to win more points – it’s just you and your plants .

It is a Great Way To Bond With Family : Gardening can be a great way to spend some time with your family. It can be a great way to bond with the family and work as a team. Some members of the family can instruct on how to dig soil, some can instruct on how to sow seeds, some on how to trim plants etc. This way you and your family learn how to take care of plants and also spend some time together . Many times you and your family can also hold a little picnic or barbecue in the garden and have a memorable meal amidst flora and fauna and in a colourful garden in full bloom.

It Feels Satisfying : Gardening can be satisfying in many ways. There is a great amount of satisfaction to be found in attending to plants and watching them grow and come to life and evolve from mere saplings to full fledged trees in bloom . Not unlike bringing up kids of your own and watching them grow from children to men and women.

Gardening Keeps You Active : Engaging in tasks such as mixing soil, watering plants is a great way of staying active.

Outdoor Tasks Such As Gardening Helps Improve Immune System : Spending time gardening is a great way to boost brain and mental health by imbibing you with a sense of achievement. Every time you successfully plant a seedling, watch it grow, don’t you have a sense of accomplishment? Gardening also reduces the possibility of dementia in old people, by providing exposure to sunlight and vitamin D. Scientists have also found, that a specific bacteria in the soil releases serotonin in the brain which works as a natural antidepressant.

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