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The Perfect Guide to Use a Self-Drilling Screw

There are multiple types of screws available varying in shape, size, material, design, and of course their individual purpose. The most commonly used one is a self-tapping screw, though self-drilling screw is among the most effective ones. If you are here on this page to learn more about the self-driven screws, it is necessary to learn about the features, functions, and uses of the same.

TATA Agrico is a pioneer in industrial consumables and tradesmen tools. A self-drilling screw is one of the important components used mainly in fields of construction, installation, and manufacturing industry. Let us explain how self-drilling screws are different, and how specifically you can use them for your work.

Self-Drilling Screw

What Is A Self-Drilling Screw?

Self-drilling screws are the most widely and effectively used screws. They have a tapered shaft with the thread running from the head to the tip continuously. These are popularly used because these can be drilled down to any material effortlessly, though at times you need to make a pilot hole to drill down easily.

When drilling down a metal sheet or surface, the screw’s chisel tip acts like a drill bit, and hence you do not need a pilot hole while driving through thin sheets of metals with this chisel tip. It must be noted that all self-drilling screws are self-tapping, though all self-tapping screws are not self-drilling.

Uses of Self-Drilling Screw

A. Sheet metal works: Metal sheets used for framing numerous objects like automobiles, furniture, construction, etc., are best fastened with self-drilling screws. As mentioned earlier, the drill-like tip of the screw is best preferred on metal sheets.

B. Municipal works: For every gutter-attachment system, self-drilling screws are the most preferred because of its easy installation process which not only takes lesser time, but also provides a safe hold and finish. It also ensures that the gutter withstands different kinds of weather and resists corrosion.

C. Medical applications: In case of orthopaedic surgeries, organ replacements, and other kinds of tissue or muscle repair surgeries, self-drilling screws are preferred as the safest fasteners.

D. Roofing solutions: Self-drilling screws allow for smooth framing work for every roofing solutions irrespective of the material used.

Self-drilling screws are manufactured to secure loads above a given minimal pressure. It is important to know about the basic functions and features of the screw to use it rightly. Tata Agrico offers a wide range of self-drilling screws varying in size and shape. Explore the range to pick the one you need for your specific purpose.

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