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Home Expression The Pliers’ Story — It’s History and Why Go for TATA Agrico?
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The Pliers’ Story — It’s History and Why Go for TATA Agrico?

One of the most common hand tools for both industrial and domestic applications and one of the most popular TATA products in the tools category, pliers are best for wire-cutting, twisting pipes, bending-compressing materials, and a lot more. The primary advantage of these tools is that they are being constructed using two first-class levers that are conjoined in a way to create short, powerful jaws and long handles capable of greatly multiplying the force applied on it.

Needless to mention, as common with all TATA products, Agrico pliers have an added benefit. Going by Agrico’s ever-diligence in delivering solutions that are both best performing and safe, these tools come with cushioned grips for extra comfort. This not only safeguards the user but also guarantees better output because routine tasks can be conducted better and with more ease.

But, do we know? Pliers are one of the most basic and earliest mechanical inventions by mankind? Dating long back to the Bronze Age, probably three thousands year before Christ ‘forgave’ the planet; these tools were supposedly crafted first from tongs utilized to handle hot metal activities like smithing and casting in Europe. There is no single inventor name appearing in the history books and the first pliers were actually known to be made from wood. As times progressed, pliers were gradually made from bronze metal (understandably enough as it was ‘Bronze Age’) and finally from iron and steel, much later!

The most ancient images that portray pliers in action shows the Great Greek God Hephaestus (Lord of Fire, metal activities, forging, the art of sculpture etc and the Divine Blacksmith) holding them for a forging activity. There have also been many Egyptian sculptures depicting pliers as they were primarily mass-used for construction activities. In Roman mythology and history too, pliers have been mentioned. The tool was associated with the Roman God Vulcanus, God of Fire and Forging and forgers were widely respected because of their prominence in economic welfare and military. In essence, it could be highlighted that pliers were in one of those rare tool categories that were not stigmatised as ‘low-class devices’ owing to most tools being usually handled by ‘labourers’.

Taking that legacy, significance, and amazing utility of pliers since the dawn of human civilization into account, TATA product tools combine decades of manufacturing innovation, amazing work deliverable functionalities, and one of the best handling capacities among contemporaries. As a brand, TATA Agrico believes in empowering the masses with the best tools and solutions for daily domestic and work requirements, compromising not a slight in manufacturing, quality checking, and end output capabilities.

For instance, Agrico pliers are made with specially selected, certified quality Forged Steel enhanced with a Thermo Plastic Rubber coated sleeve that can withstand high temperatures and voltages. As mentioned prior regarding extraordinary user safety, these TATA products have cushioned grips for extra comfort with superior abrasion resistance. What’s more—the pliers also promise against manufacturing defects, operational issues, and guarantee a clean cut of wires-hassle free work activities without strained efforts.

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