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Turn Old Household Items Festive Ready:

With just a week away from the grand festival of India, we are all busy to decorate and refurbish our homes and décor.  During this festive season we all tend to face the dilemma, whether to get rid of old household items those no longer serve any utilities. As they are dotted with unforgettable memories we just don’t want to throw them away but also face the difficulties to store them. Instead of disposing of the old ping pong paddles, bottles, chairs, skateboards we could turn them into enchanting household stuff by investing a couple of hours of denting, elbow grease, varnish and a bit of your creativity.

Here is a list of a couple of ideas to re purpose your old household items:

Turn old badminton or ping pong paddle into photo frame or mirror:

You can easily use old tennis rackets or ping pong paddles to create quirkily designed mirrors. Anyone can brush up their creative side with this simple DIY project related to home decorations. The steps are quite simple and fun. First, you take the racket to a professional glass cutter and cut the mirror into the shape of the racket. Use the double-sided tape to secure the empty spaces of the paddle and then place the mirror firmly inside it. You can also use any type of pictures or wallpaper to paste instead of mirrors. With the help of a drill or a hammer and a nail you make a hole in the grip of the paddle. Then you insert the desired length of the strings through the hole to make a knot for hanging and you are good to go.

Old-Badminton -to-Photo-Frame

Turn old ladder into an adorable bookshelf:   If you are a book lover; you are definitely aware of the fact, organizing books in small places is definitely a daunting task. A bulky closed bookshelf may serve the purposes, but it can cause damage to the books without much air flow. It also occupies significant spaces inside the room. An old ladder can be the perfect solution as a bookshelf and would not much space when leaning against the wall!

From Old Ladder to Adorable Bookself

Paper-flower garlands: Decorating the house during the festive season involves a lot of flowers, but hanging flower garlands means changing them as the flowers may wilt away. To avoid this, you can make some paper flower garlands – any color and size you like!


Festivals are always important to us, as it brings friends and family closer. As we invite them into our houses, we always try to make sure they enjoy the lovely cozy moments at our house! So let the festivities begin!

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