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Uncommon Spanners Tool and Their Uses

A spanner tool oftentimes referred to as a wrench, is an adjustable wrench that is predominantly used to tighten or loosen fasteners or bolts. However, there are various types of spanners that are meant for different types of tasks. For instance, a box-end wrench is a viable option for loosening stuck fasteners because the user can apply more torque without risking damage to a ratchet mechanism. Moreover, a spanner with an open-end easily fits around a fastener instead of over it. Therefore these spanners are perfect for situations where there is a lack of space for a socket. Hence, it is always important to make sure that the spanner that is being utilized is appropriate for the task at hand. There are various types of spanners that are not as common as the ones that are widely used. Nevertheless, these spanners are also useful when the appropriate situation arises.

Uncommon Spanner Types

Crowfoot Spanner

A crowfoot wrench, also known as a torque wrench, is predominantly used to tighten or loosen bolts. The most unique feature of the spanner tool is that it does not have a handle of its own. However, this tool is extremely handy as it is designed to work in tights spaces; spaces where other spanners cannot fit. Moreover, this tool operates with a ratchet handle or a socket extension combination. One of the major advantages of a crowfoot spanner is that it fits in spots where an open-ended spanner does not. On the contrary, its greatest disadvantage is that it has limited applications only in tight quarters.

Pipe Spanner

A pipe spanner is a tool that is designed to turn threaded pipes and pipe fittings for tightening or loosening purposes. This particular spanner has serrated jaws, one of which is pivoted on the handle to create a strong gripping action. Moreover, this tool possesses a moveable upper jaw to adjust the wrench size. Even though this spanner is not widely known, it is an essential tool that is required while handling and managing pipes.

Hex Key/Allen Spanner

This spanner tool is generally used to loosen hex-head screws and bolts. Moreover, the hex key comes in both standard and metric sizes. A major advantage of this tool is that it is available as separate spanners or in sets where the spanners fold up into a handle. Most importantly, it is available with T-handles in order to provide improved leverage.

Strap Spanner

Strap spanners are a multi-purpose and adjustable hand tool that utilizes the tension of a strap to grip and turn an object without scratching and damaging it. These spanner tools are used for various plumbing applications, especially when a large crescent spanner or channel-lock pliers are unavailable. The strap spanner is very useful because it is able to tighten or loosen those items that do not have flat faces for a standard spanner to grip.

Star Head Key/Torx Key

This unusual spanner tool is used to tighten or loosen six-point or six-headed screws and bolts. This tool is also available in both standard and metric sizes. Torx keys are available as separate spanners or in sets where the spanners fold up into a handle. Hence, they can be used for a variety of intricate tasks.

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