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Home Expression Welding Electrodes – Find Out about its Types and Usage | Tata Agrico

Welding Electrodes – Find Out about its Types and Usage | Tata Agrico

Welding electrodes are used in all types of manufacturing jobs, from automobiles to construction, and so forth. The welding rod has an outer flux coating which protects the metal from damage, stabilizes the arc, and improves the weld. When joining two pieces of metal together, electrodes are used to create an electric arc.  The two metals heat and melt, fusing together in a stronger bond.

Depending upon the welding process, the electrode is either consumable or non-consumable. It must be chosen very carefully for a job. There are specific properties attached to different types of welding rods.

Welding Electrodes

Here let’s take a look at the types of welding electrodes:

6013 Electrodes

This is the most common type of welding rods available in the market. It has a tensile strength of 60,000 lbs. it is strong and can do most welding projects. They create a soft arc at the end helping the welders to mould metal sheet. The 6013 electrode is ideal for smaller welding jobs. It is suitable for working with thinner metal sheets, allowing a medium-range penetration.

The third digit being 1 indicates the electrode can be used for all welding positions. The last two digits also mean that it has a high titanium-potassium coating, which makes it compatible with almost all types of power supplies and currents. The welding rod has high versatility as it can be used with different types of currents.

Tata Agrico 6013 welding rods are made from prime steel wire rods. They promise low spill and smoke emission, and consumes minimum electricity. You can say 6013 electrodes are a welder’s best friend.

7018 Electrodes

The 7018 welding rod is coated with very low moisture, which reduces the level of hydrogen stopping it from seeping into a weld too much. Thanks to the low hydrogen content of these welding electrodes, they produce smooth yet high-quality welds that are crack-resistant against medium to low penetration.

They can withstand pressure of 70,000 pounds per cubic square inch. The third digit indicates it can be applied in all welding positions. The last two digits mean that the electrode is coated with iron powder with low hydrogen coating. They can be operated under both AC and DC+ currents.

7018 welding rods must be kept in a moisture-free storage. Exposure to moisture will diminish the lifespan of these rods.

6011 & 6010

Both the 6011 welding rod and 6010 welding rod can withstand 60,000 pounds of pressure. They can be used for all welding positions.

The 6011 has very high coating level of cellulose potassium, making it compatible with both AC and DC+ currents. It can be used to operate with bigger sized welding machines. 6011 welding electrodes are best for deep welding penetration, making it suitable to work it with dirty and corroded metals. They are ideal for welding repair jobs.

The 6010 welding rod has the coating of high cellulose sodium, which means it can only be used with DC+ current. This too can achieve deep penetration and can work with dirty and corroded metals.

Tata Agrico is a one-stop solution for all your welding needs. We offer the very best of high-quality mild steel electrodes. With a mark of ISI Grade, these products guarantee high performance and a long durable life.

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