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What are the Major Types of Garden Hoe Tools?

One of the most widely used appliances for gardening, agriculture, and horticulture, hoe tool has been in application since ancient ages. They have been a common agricultural tool in the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Japanese, and pretty much every age-old civilization that ventured into harvesting crops and had access to the craft of making weapons using tools, iron, etc.

Hoes are applied to tender soil, shape the cultivation lands, pull out and cut weeds or unwanted vegetation, move mix soil with fertilisers, dig the surface, harvest crops, and much more. A must highlight—the tool has such a wide adoption rate for years due to its immense versatility in applications.

That is primarily the reason why a hoe tool is available in diverse shapes, sizes, and textures tailor-made for particular applications. For instance, fork hoes are generally utilized to disrupt soil surface, loosen the same before mass sowing and seeding are performed. Potato and clam hoes are specially designed to dig the soil to harvest potatoes and clams respectively, finding wide utilization hence in our country.

Cultivation, harvesting, and similar agriculture-related activities are no doubt one of the biggest application sectors of a hoe toolHowever, the appliance also has gathered popularity among small scale or large scale gardeners. Gardening, as a practice, has witnessed an immense rise over the years in the form of individual hobbies, farmhouses, resorts, etc. Business owners and industrialists venturing into the real estate and hospitality industry are also laying more significance to the attachment of ‘green’ to their projects, further fuelling the advance of beautiful gardens, lawns, farms, etc. Needless to mention, the improved awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness have driven this uprising ‘green trend’.

When talked about garden hoes, grub hoes, pattern hoes, ridging hoes, drill hoes are some tools that are applied to tender soil, create water passages and trenches, and more to plant seeds, cultivate garden plants etc. In a broad sense though, a garden hoe tool can be categorized under five sections. It’s extremely important to be aware of the same to pick the right appliance for the right application.

Digging Hoes 

As the name suggests, these hoes are utilized to dig the soil before seeding and plantation and shove up the produce or harvesting.

Draw Hoes

These tools are best fit for de-weeding the soil, pulling out or scrapping unwanted vegetation that might hamper with the cultivation.

Reciprocating Hoes

These hoes consist of special moving blades that are used to scrub the soil. These tools are also great for removing weeds and other harmful plants from the soil.

Flat Hoes

As the name suggests, these tools are best for flattening the soil (push and pull actions). The blades move in parallel to the surface and are also used to cut weeds, non-required plants, and tame the soil for proper cultivation.

Sweeping Hoes

One of the recently developed, advanced hoe types, sweeping hoes are generally used for sweeping and slicing or cutting requirements, weeding in tender soil surfaces, and more.

If you are looking forward to buying a hoe tool for agriculture or gardening, it’s always a wise decision to go for branded companies. There are two distinct advantages—quality and service. Tata Agrico, the oldest brand of TATA Steel, manufactures its hoe tools using advanced quality, high-grade TATA Steel combined with magnificent pre and post-sale services. Also, the brand diligently focuses on enhancing the tools’ safety quotient that is unprecedented in comparison to contemporary companies. Trust, quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction defines Agrico and every solution it delivers.

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