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Home Expression When is the Right Time to Use Adjustable Wrench?

When is the Right Time to Use Adjustable Wrench?

Wrenches are important tools in a household. They are used for tuning all sorts of nuts and bolts. They provide a tighter grip while tightening or loosening fasteners. Wrenches can be of many types, depending on their usage and function. While most wrenches in the market can fit over only a specific fastener size, the adjustable wrench is special because it can work with multiples sizes of nuts and bolts.

The adjustable wrench, also known as an adjustable spanner or adjustable crescent, comes with a movable jaw. It is same as an open-end wrench which has a U-shaped profile. But in case of this adjustable tool, the opening width can be adjusted to fit different sizes of fasteners. This flexibility makes the tool suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The adjustable spanner is most commonly used for:



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Plumbing jobs require you to work with pipes of different sizes and thicknesses. Having an adjustable wrench makes it easier. For example, the sink has a thicker hex bolt than other pipes. Bath taps usually tend to have a smaller bolt size. This makes adjustable spanners the ideal choice for plumbing jobs. They can just smoothly fit over any nut or bolt and. Most adjustable wrenches have a head that’s offset by about 15 degrees from the run of the shaft. This ensures the tool can be turned over smoothly at all angles. Users must maintain a tight grip, so it does not slip off easily.

Automobile Repair


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Wrenches are must-have tools for auto repair jobs. Car mechanics need to work in smaller areas and tackle nuts which are placed in difficult positions. While they can use a box-end wrench or a socket wrench in most cases, sometimes the adjustable wrench does the best job. It offers a much better grip and a more torque to remove a particularly difficult nut or bolt head. For cars that have awkward hand spaces, a regular wrench cannot reach very far. The adjustable spanner comes in handy in such situations.

Assembling Furniture


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Most of the store-bought furniture nowadays comes in assembled pieces. Once the delivery is done, users have to assemble the different pieces of furniture to get the final product. And assembling furniture always means having to work with different nuts and bolts. An adjustable wrench becomes a lifesaver in such times, where the same tool can be used for different fastener sizes. This not only makes the assembling job more efficient, it also helps to save time. For those who like to build their own DIY furniture, the adjustable wrench again proves to be a useful tool. Instead of carrying different types of spanners to suit varying nuts and bolts, the adjustable spanner can fit all sizes of nuts and bolts.

TATA Agrico is one of the leading hand tools manufacturers in India. Made of high quality steel, their adjustable wrenches are perfect for all kinds of jobs, from plumbing repairs to assembling furniture. It is a useful tool to have both in a household and a workshop.

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