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Be #SaferTodayStrongerTomorrow

With the surge of the second wave of Covid-19, it’s time to strengthen our defence against this dreadful crisis. Together as a nation, we can fight this contagion, and together we can come out stronger than before.

Tata Agrico has always strived to work towards the social progress of every citizen in India, and today once again, during such difficult times, we implore you to get vaccinated. Remember, vaccination is our ultimate defence against the pandemic, and it can save millions of lives and support our front-line warriors working round-the-clock to protect us.

Let’s come together and take a pledge to put an end to this global crisis. This time, you can help the country and #FixItYourself. Come forward and help each Indian become independent from the pandemic.

A brighter tomorrow needs a healthier you, and hence please get vaccinated.

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Customer Reviews

  • “ I have a motorcycle repairs shop. I wanted a good-looking and light-weight wrench for everyday bike repair work. I bought TATA Agrico Steel wrench for regular work. The grip is good and the size is right. It’s been 3 months and the wrench is used non-stop but still it is running well and good. ”

    Ashish Gupta, Lucknow, Customer

  • “ I recently purchased a TATA spanner from Amazon that too at a fair price in their Buy one get one offer which I saw on FB. It looks good and came in different sizes and so I can use it for different purposes. It looks good quality steel, hope it protects from rust. ”

    Varun Pathak, Jodhpur , Customer

  • “ I purchased TATA cross pein hammer after I recently faced an accident using another hammer. This is why I wanted to buy from a trusted brand. This hammer has a good grip and doesn’t require much force like my previous hammer. ”

    S.B.S.S.K. Sundaram, Chennai , Customer

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