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Kisaan Diwas event celebration with the farmers (23rd December 2021)

Being the most trusted agricultural tools selling brand since 1925, Tata Agrico always wants to connect with its end consumers, the fundamental pillar of India, farmers.
Last year, we have taken the initiative to celebrate an event with them on 23rd December, on the occasion of National Farmers’ Day, or KisaanDiwas. Tata Agrico team chose West Bengal, one of the largest farmer-based states of India. A small team had reached different districts of Burdwan, North 24 Parganas, etc to have a direct conversation with the farmers.
We cherish the fact that we got to know about the farmers’ viewpoint on using Tata Agrico’s tools and how they have loved that. MD. Mukim Islam, a farmer from North 24 Parganas, highly admired Tata Agrico products for their durability, longevity & efficiency over other brands. It was our immense pleasure that, starting from a large paddy field to a field that is used for growing seasonal vegetables, Tata Agrico Tools are relied upon. We had a great time with them and got to know about different aspects of cultivation from Adhir Mallick, Subhash Mallick, and many others.

Apart from this, we came to know their individual small but effective techniques of farming according to the field conditions and ways to deal with weather changes.
The day was packed with events and concluded in the best possible way by distributing various Tata Agrico tools. The list included – Hoe, Shovel, and Pickaxe. Our heartiest congratulations to all of them for holding India’s social-economical balance on a strong base & we feel proud for being their most loving on-ground partner for such a long time.
Tata Agrico salutes their hard work, dedication & contribution to our society. We would be happy to host many such events in the near future making the fundamentals of society shine brighter.

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