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Expertshala 4th Session

Tata Agrico conducted its fourth webinar session in the series of Expertshala on 27th Dec, 2021 at 4.30 pm.

TATA Agrico is the oldest brand of Tata Steel and has been the leading name in superior quality agricultural implements. Their complete range of hand tools caters to a broad category of disciplines that include agriculture, infrastructure, home improvement and many more.

The event started with the keynote of Tata Agrico Chief, Mr. S Karthik Narayanan who addressed the audience and shared his vision for ExpertShala and its future endeavors.
The key speakers of the event were –
● Mr. Vijay Kumar, Head (New Business Development), Tata Agrico
● Mr. Somnath Mukherjee, Senior Manager (New Business Development), Tata Agrico
● Mr. Neeraj Thakur, Product Champion (Welding Segment), Tata Agrico
This session was mainly for the Gujarat Region. In this session, we heard the queries of our customers, discussed product USP, benefits of using Natural Rutile, difference between ISI and Non-ISI electrodes, etc. With expert speakers and engaging participants, this was an engaging and fruitful session.

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