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Tata Steel Talk

Mr. Rahul Mishra (Chief, Agrico & Retail Initiatives) delivered a Leadership Talk in the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) on 6th November’19 i.e. Tuesday. The event, christened by the Institute as ‘The Talk’ is a forum created specifically to provide the participants of IRMA an opportunity to learn from in the rich experience of Industry leaders. Mr. Mishra shared his wisdom & practical knowledge with the participants of the Rural Management course while also interacting with them during the two hour session.

The Institute of Rural Management, Anand, founded by Dr. Varghese Kurien is one of India’s premier Institutes & a formidable authority in the Rural Management sector. It was an enriching evening of knowledge sharing & collaborative learning as Mr. Mishra brought TATA Steel’s & IRMA’s vision of association to fruition.

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