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The Chisel tool is a workman’s handiest tool and is used for carving or cutting materials & shaping wood, stone or hard materials. TATA Agrico chisels with induction heated sharp edges ensures superb performance for artists & sculptors alike.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
CHE002 Tata Agrico Premium Quality Chisel
CHE007 Chisel 22 X 152 mm 0.46kg
CHE008 Chisel 22 x 228 mm 0.69kg
CHE009 Chisel 25 x 152 mm 0.6kg
CHE010 Chisel 25 x 228 mm 0.9kg
CHE011 Chisel 29 x 152 mm 0.8kg
CHE012 Chisel 29 x 228 mm 1.17kg
CHE013 Chisel 32 x 152 mm 0.95kg

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