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Rotavator Blade

The rotavator blade is the important part of a rotavator and drives the machine in preparing the seed bed and mixing the residual soil. TATA Agrico blades are economical as they save 20% more time than regular blades and has a higher life on average because of lesser bend.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
RVB006 RT Blade 14.5 mm dia(57mm...
RVB005 Mini RT Blades
RVB004 Rotavator Blade RVJ-12
RVB003 Rotavator Blade RVL-14
RVB002 Rotavator Blade RVL-11
RVB001 Rotavator Blade
RBV002 Rotavator Blade RVL-14

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