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Different Types of File Tools for Metal Working

A file may be identified as a tool that is utilized to remove fine amounts of material from a workpiece. This tool is predominantly used in metalworking, woodworking, and similar trade tasks. The file tool is classified as a hand tool that is made up of a hardened steel bar that is rectangular, square, or triangular. One or more of its surfaces are cut with sharp, parallel teeth. Moreover, it is common to find a tang at one end of the file. This is generally constructed so that a handle may be fitted. In fact, a great number of files with abrasive surfaces have been developed, such as silicon carbide or synthetic diamond grains. Furthermore, a rasp can be grouped in the file category; however, a rasp is made up of individually cut teeth that are generally used to remove a large amount of coarse material. There are various types of file tools that are available today that are designed to perform a variety of tasks.

Types of File Tools

Files are available in different sizes, shapes, and even materials. In fact, files are usually distinguished by their cuts and tooth configurations. The cross-section of a file tool can be flat, half-round, square, round, or any other specialized shape. One of the strongest types of files is the steel file that is developed from high carbon steel. This tool can be hardened further in order to complete specialized tasks.

Here are some of the distinct file tools that are available today:

Mill File

This is the most common shape that is widely used in various professions. This tool is rectangular in cross-section and houses a single cut. The thickness is quite even throughout the length of the tool, and these tools may either be parallel-sided or slightly tapered in width. Mill files are generally used to sharpen mill and circular saw blades. They are also utilized while sharpening knives and lawnmower blades.

Triangular File

This type of file is also popularly known as the three-square file. It is triangular in cross-section and tapers gradually, often to a point on smaller file tools. These sides may be equal in cross-section or have two long and one short surface. These files are used to sharpen hand saws.

Round File

The round file is round in cross-section and they are gradually tapered over the entire length. They are mainly utilized to enlarge round holes or cut scalloped edges. This is one of the most commonly used files.

Crochet File

This file is tapered in width and gradually tapered in thickness. They consist of two flats and radiused edges that are cut all around. They are predominantly used to file junctions between flat and curved surfaces and slots with rounded edges.

Knife File

Knife files are tapered in both width and thickness. However, the knife-edge contains the same amount of thickness throughout the whole length.  Also, the knife-edge has a slight arc to it. This file tool is used for slotting or wedging operations.

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