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Home Expression Importance of hand tools in farming | Tata Agrico

Importance of hand tools in farming | Tata Agrico

Farming is indeed labor and time-intensive, but using the correct hand tools can definitely subtract your daily farming hassles to half. If you are a farmer or in the Agribusiness, then you already know that certain agriculture hand tools are still the most convenient and trusted than the latest agricultural innovations.

But before investing in farming hand tools, keep in mind that they come expensive, with each tool serving different utilities. As you know, farming involves a lot of difficult jobs that need to be manually handled and taken care of than relying on advanced machines, which is also out of the reach of most farmers. So here we are rounding up some must-have hand tools to suit your specific needs and ease your daily working in the farm fields.


An axe is the most vital tool you must have on your farm to chop and split woods for various DIYs, fencing the farm and crop fields. This high-utility farming tool is very useful in uprooting stubborn weeds from the field and cutting logs and fire woods.

Chaff cutter

Own a livestock farm? Then get a cutting-edge chaff cutter to size hay and grass with utmost precision for your cattle. Just like us, the cattle must also ingest precisely chopped fodder, served in the right quantity which aids in faster digestion and zero food wastage.


The crowbars are again an essential land digging handy tool. This tool is mainly used for digging holes for plantations and farming. You can also use Crowbars for breaking gravel and hard soil chunks to level down and prepping the plantation bed.


Buying a cultivator is the best investment for your farming business. This versatile agriculture tool is mostly used for digging and tilling the lands and removing weeds. To put it simply, this single farming tool is your ultimate solution to get the land ready for cultivation and farming.


A hoe is a very useful farming tool for tilling and loosening the land. You must have this tool to simplify your daily farming jobs of digging trenches and removing weeds without wasting the soil.


Shovels are the most widely used agriculture tools for digging land and moving soil and composite from one place to another. You can use a shovel to lift soil and spread it around the plant roots and crops. These are also useful in breaking down soil lumps and deep-rooted plant weeds.


A sickle is a harvest tool used for manually reaping the crops during harvest season. It can also be used to clean up weeds and grasses around the crops. For most farmers, a sickle is the most dependable tool for upkeeping their farmland and maintaining crop health.


Lastly, we have a pickaxe on our list that you must consider to ease your daily farming job. A pickaxe is generally used for digging and lifting up hard soil and tree stumps to prepping the land before cultivation.


Final words

Wondering where to get the most durable and efficient agriculture hand tools? Visit TATA Agrico to buy best-in-class farming hand tools of unmatched quality at an unbeatable price range.

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