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Crowbars are used for digging and also act as levers for lifting heavy objects. The TATA Agrico Crowbar tool are made of prime & high carbon steel with low phosphorous & sulphur content that ensures higher strength & wear resistance. The crowbar has strength to withstand up to 60 kg load rendering it better for use than competitors when used as lever.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
CWB028 CB - 25(25X1650) WITH LONGER... 6.7kg
CWB025 Crow Bar - 32(32X825) -... 5.25kfg
CWB024 Crow Bar - 29(29X825) -... 4.25kg
CWB023 Crow Bar - 25(25X825) -... 3.35kg
CWB022 Crow Bar - 22(22X825) -... 2.55kg
CWB018 Crow Bar - 32 (32x1220)... 7.6kg
CWB016 Crow Bar - 29 (29X1220)... 6.2kg
CWB015 Crow Bar - 25 (25X1220)... 4.9kg
CWB014 Crow Bar - 22 (22X1220)... 3.7kg
CWB004 Crow Bar - 32(32X1650) 10.5kg
CWB003 Crow Bar - 29(29X1650) 8.5kg
CWB002 Crow Bar - 25(25X1650) 6.7kg
CWB001 Crow Bar - 22(22X1650) 5.1kg

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