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Polish Up Your Knowledge of Types of Shovels

A shovel is an essential agricultural and gardening hand tool. It is a multi-purpose tool, serving various jobs at once. Shovel tool helps with digging and transplanting soil, making shallow trenches, and in removing dirt or debris. You need different types of shovels for a well-maintained garden with perfect landscaping.

A shovel usually comprises of a broad blade with a long handle and a curving tip. But you will find this tool in different shapes and sizes, serving different purposes. While it is most commonly used for any digging work, shovels can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Tata Agrico offers different types of shovels in their varied product range. Let’s take a look at the most common ones found in the market.

Flat Shovel

Like the name says, this particular shovel comes with a flat blade in a concave shape. The flat blade is extremely helpful while scooping up materials from the soil. This makes a flat shovel an apt choice for removing or cleaning trenches. This type of shovel works great while digging in soft soil, but it is very difficult to work with on harder soils as the flat end doesn’t penetrate the hard soil easily.

Trench Shovel

Also referred to as a clean out shovel in some parts of the world, these types of shovels are the complete opposite of a flat shovel. The trench shovel has a sharp curve at the end and a long narrow blade which helps them to penetrate into any type of soil. The sharp curve helps to enter any type of soil with minimum effort. Their ability to work with all soil types makes them very popular in the market.

Scoop Shovel

The scoop shovel is also widely popular, especially when it comes to gardening enthusiasts. This tool is not designed for digging as its primary purpose. This kind of shovel has flat tips with a concave blade. As the name suggests, it is used for scooping up materials, more specifically for moving loose soil from one place to another.

Digging Shovels

This is among the most versatile types of shovels used in gardening or agriculture. There are different types of digging shovels available, each suitable for a certain task.

1. Square Digger Shovel: This is used for transplanting, trenching and edging. It is a very flat shovel.

2. Round Digger Shovel: This tool gets its name from its rounded tip which is tailor-made for digging softer soils. It can be also used for transplanting purposes.

3. Pointed Digger Shovel: This type of shovel is packed with a narrow tip which fits very well in terms of dealing with rock-filled soils.

4. Post Hole Digger Shovel: It is basically two shovels which are connected by a pivot. A post hole digger is used for penetrating loose and tilted soil. This shovel is used mainly after the soil is broken up by using an axe.

Tree Planting Shovel

This shovel is named so because it is used in preparing the soil for plantation purposes. It has a narrow blade accompanied by a sharp pointed tip, which goes penetrates deep into the soil. Tree planting shovels come in different sizes. The ones with longer shafts are used for flat grounds and those with shorter shafts are tailor-made for sloped lands.

Tata Agrico is a pioneer in manufacturing superior quality agricultural hand tools and implements. You can easily find the basic types of shovels in their vast repertoire of products.

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