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Home Expression Round or Square Digging Shovel, Which is More Suited to your Purpose? | Tata Agrico

Round or Square Digging Shovel, Which is More Suited to your Purpose? | Tata Agrico

Depends on what your Purpose is! Read on to find out more:

Digging shovel

A shovel is an integral part of your gardening tool basket but not all shovels are the same. So, selecting the right shovel that offers the best solution to your need is essential. Let us understand how you will decide on the right shovel.

There are many types of shovels used for digging but two types dominate all – the round-point and the square-point ones. It is also important to consider the length of the Shovel Handle & the weight of the Shovel Tool. The length & weight should be chosen based on the working height & strength of the user to ensure ergonomic comfort.

digging shovel

The Round-point Shovel

This is an all-purpose shovel and is the most adaptable. From general digging to picking this helps to loosen the soil. This shovel can dig, cut, lift and chop through hard soil. It also helps in transferring the soil from one area to the other. If you have a landscape garden, you just cannot do without this tool.

The Square-point Shovel 

The square shovel is more useful in picking than digging purposes. If you are paving the garden path with rubbles, you could use a square shovel to do the filling and level the surface. The square surface allows a better hold on the material for its flat tip. The square shovel is good at scooping soil from the skirting of the garden paths and weeding out unruly grasses from the outer corner of the lawns or drive.

The Shovel Handles

While there are handles made of many materials available in the market, it is advisable to use Shovels with Steel Handles with a PVC grip. In addition to being more environment friendly, these handles provide a firm, non-slipping grip. So hold on tight to the handles while you work away in your gardens.

So, What are you waiting for? TATA Agrico comes with a Range of Shovels suited to every gardening need!

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