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Double Face Sledge Hammer

Double Faced Sledge Hammers are mainly used in heavy duty masonry work. TATA Agrico Hammers are made with low sulphur & phosphorous content to give them the strength & force that is needed to withstand higher impact.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
HMR013 Hammer - DFS-1 0.454kg
HMR012 Hammer - DFS-1.5 0.681kg
HMR011 Hammer - DFS-2 0.908kg
HMR010 Hammer - DFS-2.5 1.135kg
HMR009 Hammer - DFS-3 1.362kg
HMR008 Hammer - DFS-4 1.816kg
HMR007 Hammer - DFS-5 2.27kg
HMR006 Hammer - DFS-6 2.724kg
HMR005 Hammer - DFS-8 3.632kg
HMR004 Hammer - DFS-10 4.54kg
HMR003 Hammer - DFS-12 5.448kg
HMR002 Hammer - DFS-14 6.356kg
HMR001 Hammer - DFS-16 7.264kg
HMR020 Hammer - DFS-18 8.172kg
HMR021 Hammer - DFS-20 9.08kg

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