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Adjustable Wrench

Made of forged CRV Steel, an adjustable wrench is a wrench with a ‘jaw’ of adjustable width, making it suitable for use for different sizes of fastener-head like nuts, bolts, etc.

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Material Name Material Description Weight Size Packing Quantity Teeth Per Inch. Shape Action
WRC008 Blister - ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 10"... 1
WRC007 Blister -ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 8" Rubber... 1
WRC006 ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 24" Rubber Sleeve 1
WRC005 ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 18" Rubber Sleeve 1
WRC004 ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 15" Rubber Sleeve 1
WRA003 Adjustable Wrench12" 1
WRA002 Adjustable Wrench10" 10Inch 1
WRA001 Adjustable Wrench8" 8inch 1

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